Artificial Intelligence

                                         in course of matrimonial website profile management

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The online marriage industry in India is estimated to have been worth more than $200 million and more than 80 million new subscribers have joined these matrimonial websites for searching for their life partner. There are many courts and lawsuits out there, still there  is a growing number of matrimonial websites.


Today Artificial Intelligence has increased its roots into matrimonial sector. Matrimonial websites has started the matrimonial profiles as per the choice of their registered members. So, searching for a life partner has become more technical due to artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence is increasing in more importance for matrimonial sector because it has enormous ability to catch the user’s behavior and real time profiles for a peculiar individual. Artificial Intelligence is much smarter than an individual in handling the profile engagement.


Definitely artificial intelligence and machine learning help with each other in matrimonial websites matchmaking determination. There are many factors like - education, languages, career, family & lifestyle which affect the behavior of matrimonial profiles.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are started working at the situation when a user starts registering his profile on the matrimonial websites. It seems that anytime soon they will improve the traditional questionnaire system.  


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